Fivelements, Bali opened in late 2010 as the first of a new genre of wellness destinations bridging the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness concepts. To date, the eco-wellness retreat has been recognised with over thirty international awards spanning across hotel, wellness, retreat, spa, culinary and sustainable design industries, including World Luxury Hotel, Spa and Restaurant awards and AsiaSpa’s Destination Retreat of the Year, Eco Spa and Spa Cuisine of the Year. Since its opening, Fivelements has been consistently noted for its sustainable initiatives and has earned its position as an international leader in wellness concepts and design, innovative plant-based cuisine and wellness hospitality worldwide.


At the centre of the Fivelements property is the architecturally iconic, Sakti Dining RoomTM, a handsome and open structure made of giant timber bamboo designed to resemble the shape of Bali’s symbol for food, the banana leaf. With a lotus pond on one side and the fast flowing Ayung River on the other, the beguiling two-floor restaurant is home to the retreat’s award-winning cuisine served from a polished,professional kitchen where guests can join culinary training programs during their stay. The lush grounds adjacent to the dining room feature three Mandalas that mimic the island’s three revered volcanoes. Mandala Agung soars 21 meters high x 21 meters in diameter and is an architectural representation of Fivelements core concept and healing philosophy, Tri Hita Karana. The contemplative space is designed to practice yoga and well-suited for a variety of development and learning workshops and classes and to promote personal awareness, healing and transformation. The Mandalas are also valued for their multi-functional space to host stimulating and inspiring talks and programs, such as TEDx scheduled on an annual basis and the Masters Series programs. Throughout the winding stone pathways and gardens there is a feeling of being immersed in an idyllic village with plenty of room for private relaxation such as the retreat’s tranquil swimming pool and deck overlooking the Ayung River. Not just for swimming, the pool is equipped with massage jets, underwater music and chromotherapy and often where guests find themselves in between sessions at the adjacent Healing & Wellness Sanctuary. Located next to the pool and housed in its own traditional structure, guests can view the open Laboratorium where a skilled team hand-mixes deeply nourishing skincare and usada (herbal remedies that harness Bali’s natural plant life) products crafted to complement retreat therapies.
Mijn ervaring bij Five Elements was echt geweldig. Wij kozen voor een fire blessing, 2 uur bodymassage en daarna een lunch. Fire blessing is iets traditioneels in Bali. Je gaat zelf een offer doen doormiddel van nootjes/bloemen in een kampvuur te gooien. Dit was een bijzondere en indrukwekkende ervaring. Daarna volgende een massage van 2 uur. Dit was echt heerlijk, per lichaamsdeel wordt er veel aandacht besteed aan het masseren. Na afloop ga je nog 20 minuten in een bloemenbad om even bij te komen. Je kan hier genieten van het prachtige uitzicht op de watervallen onder het genot van een groene thee. Als afsluiter van de dag hadden wij een 3 gangen lunch in het restaurant. HEERLIJK!
in samenwerking met The Asia Collective

Liefs, Daphne 

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